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Maintain Peak Fitness From Your Own Home

If you are looking for video dance lessons in the UK that are delivered by an expert in a welcoming environment, get in touch with M-Intensive Online Dance Training. We are offering a “workout at home” programme for trained dancers or dance lovers who are currently unable to access full dance education. By following a weekly online contemporary dance course that incorporates modern dance, Horton and HIIT training, you will be able to maintain peak strength and fitness from anywhere in the world. This is a space in which the dance community can come together and lay a solid foundation for becoming strong, beautiful dancers. 



 Video Dance Lessons in UK Maintain Peak Fitness From Your Own Home



Our Courses



Horton Training - Special Edition

During this unique class filmed in quarantine, we will go through the basic exercises of the Horton technique. This entails Roll down, Flat backs and more. The Horton technique is an intensive modern form of dance training and promotes strength throughout your entire body, enabling you to create clear lines and a correct posture when you dance.

Class description:

Roll down, Plies, Foot work, Bounces 1, Flat backs, Tendus, Laterals study 1, Side contractions study, Hips isolations/Arms, Fortification 2, Primitive squat, Preparation Lateral T study, Deep lunges, Variation.

By following Patrice in his daily Horton routine, the strength and durability in your legs, back and core muscles will improve indefinitely, helping you to become a truly beautiful and powerful dancer. You can go through the entire online dance course with Patrice from beginning to end, or you can complete the exercises to your own level. It is down to you. Join the community in using this fantastic dance training technique to fortify your body!

To Rent for 24h£6.00
To Buy£12.99
Duration: 58 minutes

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HIIT Training - Special Edition

Employed by a wide variety of athletes, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is crucial for developing strong stamina. We will do HIIT together, with intensive sessions lasting between 15 and 25 minutes, so get some water and a towel and make the best of it! 

HIIT is key to developing the holistic strength needed to become a strong dancer. During this class filmed in quarantine, we will work your entire body: arms, legs, glutes, abdomen, core, back. This short and intensive form of training is challenging, but you will be amazed by the progress that you make each time. HIIT should not be done more than three times a week, with one or two-day gap in between each session, giving your body time to recover and grow.

To Rent for 24h: £5.00
To Buy: £10.99
Duration: 40 minutes

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Our Courses

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By renting for 24 hours, you can essentially purchase two classes for the price of one! Alternatively, buying the content outright allows you to wait for further videos to be released and build up your technique over an extended period of time – at your own pace.

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Partner’s birthday coming up? Preparing for a special occasion? With M-Intensive Online Dance Training, you can give someone a truly unique gift by organising a private, personalised dance session on Zoom. Gift Cards can also be used to purchase live classes, workshops, or merchandise at The Shop. Whatever you have in mind, get in contact and let’s make it happen!



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On-demand videos, shot in portrait mode, are highly compatible with all modern electronic devices such as smart phones, desktops and tablets.

These videos are for private use only. Selling to third parties or posting on social media is considered an offence.

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