The MIU Online Graham & Horton CPD Workshop


Join Patrice Moniz, Director of M-Intensive University, along with leading international Horton and Graham Techniques Experts. CPD Certificate provided after the online training course has been completed.

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The MIU Online Graham & Horton CPD Workshop

MIU Certified Online Horton & Graham School and CPD Training Provider

M-Intensive University is a Graham & Horton Techniques online School and Continuing Education Provider registered in England and Wales under company number 12564799.




Join Patrice Moniz, Director of M-Intensive University, along with leading international Horton and Graham Techniques Guests Experts.

Over ten days, we will progressively cover the traditional exercises and movements of The Horton and Graham Techniques from Beginner to Advanced levels.

You will receive all the information you need to learn in-depth the Horton and Graham Techniques syllabus required to teach the methods how they should be. This intimate teacher training is composed of up to 20 rigorous lessons that will allow you to practice and implement what you've learned along the way in practical classes and workshops. We will also provide tips to teach the methods safely.

Our teacher training will prepare you thoroughly to successfully introduce your students to the Horton and Graham Techniques.

Participants earn their CPD Certificate after completing 1 or 2 Weeks based on the continuous teacher training delivered by Patrice Moniz, founder of M-Intensive University. They will also access additional classes with MIU's Experts Teachers to implement their learning. Students select the CPD course they wish to do and the points they desire to acquire. You can also choose to study only 1 Technique over one week; you are still eligible to receive your CPD Certificate.


What's a CPD Certificate?

The CPD Certificate (Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a combination of approaches, ideas, and techniques to help you manage your own learning and growth.) It is the certificate you will receive after taking the online training. This document will certify that you have followed the online Course for a certain number of hours. These hours are cumulative and are also referred to as CPD points.

CPD increases teacher motivation, confidence, and commitment to teaching; learning new skills and applying them in the classroom can lead to a more effective teaching environment. 

The CPD Certificate is recognised internationally and indicates to any employer that you are staying proactive and invested in teacher training to enhance the quality of your skills.


Did you know?

Are you a dance teacher employed in a dance school? Your employer can sponsor your CPD to ensure you remain up-to-date in your role and deliver the best dance education to their students.


During the CPD training, we will alternate dance, movements, Q&As, discussions, and studies. Please, take a notebook and a pen and be ready to dance in every lesson.



If You Have Ever Thought...

Do you feel limited in your movement because of an old injury? Perhaps you think you are not fit enough to follow the CPD training? Or are you worried that the level might be too high? Our CPD training doesn't require you to move intensively without interruption. We will study slowly to allow you to join the Course and do what you love in an intimate, nurturing atmosphere.

In this online course, participants can adjust the exercises to their physical needs and complete the training at their own pace.




What they are saying...

All our testimonials are genuine and collected by a third party

"Thank you, Patrice, for the great tutorials on the Graham and Horton techniques! Your course was something I had been looking for for years, and I found it at MIU. All teachers are amazing professionals in their own style and have helped me build up knowledge from different perspectives."

Giota L. Dance Teacher

"Thank you for this! What a beautiful week I have had diving deeper into this work! These lessons are full-on, and I love it!"

Katherine M. Dance Instructor, Educator and Choreographer


Please scroll down to read more reviews and learn more about our CPD training in detail.



The CPD Programme incorporates the basics of the Horton and Graham techniques and the studies, running you through each fundamental movement in accordance with how you learn best. Combining these famous routines and pushing yourself to take risks enables professionals to become more refined, confident instructors with a wider range of techniques.


The Course led by Patrice Moniz will include the structure of the essential exercises of Martha Graham and Lester Horton's methods. Traditional Graham Technique Floor Work, Standing and Across the Floor movements such as the Bounces, 3's and 6's, Deep Stretches, Turns Around The Back, Exercise on Six, Back Leg Extension, Side to Side Contractions, Slow Walks, Triplets, Tilt Study, Combination, and more. 

The most emblematic exercises of the Horton Technique include Roll Down, Flat Back Series on 3, Primitive Squat, Laterals, Lateral T, Release Swings, Fortifications, Preludes, Hinge Studies, Elementary Balance, Across the floor sequences, Combination, and more.

Our instructors will also guide you in Choreography Workshops, an important aspect of both methods. You will learn to use the syllabus taught daily by using diverse and authentic modern dance terminology. 

You will also have the opportunity to implement everything learned in Graham and Horton Techniques Workshops taught by our international Specialist. They will teach from beginner to advanced levels to cover a broad range of movements and teaching tips to implement in your lessons. 

Therefore, the CPD Workshop is perfect for those who wish to correct technical faults, challenge their limitations, and prepare their students for all forms of dance.

Access live recordings from anywhere you are in the world.





By incorporating the fundamentals movements of The Horton and Graham Techniques in your practice, you will help your students improve in many keys areas of contemporary dance:

  • Improve spatial awareness and balance
  • Increase length in the spine and hamstrings
  • Breathe more efficiently during contractions, releases, and spirals
  • Achieve unity between the spine and pelvis when twisting and curving the torso
  • Refine Technique for ascent/descent and laterals
  • Develop strength and flexibility
  • Give your body more energy and bolster your focus




Faculty and Timetable


Horton and Graham Techniques CPD Training Leader:

Patrice Moniz, Founder and Director of M-Intensive University

Patrice Moniz is an international Performer, a world-renowned Horton and Graham Techniques Educator, and a Choreographer with more than 19 years of experience in the entertainment industry. He's Originally from Cape Verde, born and raised in France, and based in London. Patrice studied ballet at l'Akadémie in Mulhouse in the northeast of France with Mrs. and Mr. RIBA. He discovered the Graham and Horton techniques in Paris with Pasqualina Noël, a former Graham Ensemble and Pearl Lang Dance Theater... Read More


International Graham and Horton Techniques Experts Workshops' Leaders:


Sarah Sulemanji - Graham Technique (All Level & Int/Adv)

Sarah Sulemanji is a British dancer, movement practitioner, and lecturer based in the United Kingdom. She holds a First-Class Honours degree in Dance Performance, an MA in Professional Practice, and a PGCHE. Sarah fell in love with Graham after studying with Kim Jones, a former Martha Graham Dance Company dancer who encouraged her to pursue her dream of studying in NYC. She has studied Graham's work with world-acclaimed teachers and performers who collaborated with Martha Graham... Read More





Jonathan Castro Rivero - Horton Technique (Beg & Int/Adv)

Jonathan Castro Rivero is a Dancer, Choreographer, and Horton technique teacher born in Venezuela and based in Argentina. He started his early vocational dance training at the Danzateneo School and then at the Yuxtadanza professional education programme for talented young dancers. After successful and rigorous training, Jonathan was awarded a scholarship to study at the world-renowned National Ballet School of Cuba. Jonathan performed in many dance companies in South America... Read More



Varsha Bansal - Graham Technique (Beg & All Level)

Varsha Bansal is a performing artist, choreographer, certified GYROTONIC© instructor, and Graham Technique Specialist based in India.
Graduated from the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in New York City, Varsha recently spent two years studying the Graham technique and repertory with first-class Graham teachers, including former and current Martha Graham Dance Company members. Immersing in the physicality and theatricality at the core of Graham's work... Read More





Surprise Horton Technique Guest Teacher:


Online Dance Classes in UKThibaut Witzleb - Horton Technique (Beg/All Level)

Thibaut Witzleb is a French dancer, choreographer, Horton Technique teacher, and model based in NY. 
Born in France, He received vocational dance training at The Institut de Formation Rick Odums in Paris. He then professionally trained in New York City on a scholarship at the world-renowned Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and The Ailey School. He has learned from illustrious teachers such as A.Forsythe, M.Myers, C.Dakin, or J.Buglisi. Over the past four years, Thibaut has traveled around the US... Read More


Learn More about our Faculty at MIU HERE




Week 1 - Introductory/Fundamentals and Beginner Level led by Patrice Moniz and Varsha Bansal

Each Technique session is between 1 and 2 hours and 15 minutes long


Day 1, 2 and 3

  • Graham Technique 
  • Break
  • Horton Technique 

Day 4

  • Graham Technique Beginner level Workshop with Varsha Bansal 
  • Graham Technique Teaching Study 
  • Break
  • Horton Technique 

Day 5

  • Graham Technique All Level Workshop with Varsha Bansal 
  • Graham Technique Teaching Study 
  • Break
  • Horton Technique Teaching Study 


Week 2 - Intermediate to Advanced Level led by Patrice Moniz, Sarah Sulemanji, Jonathan Castro Rivero, and surprise Horton Technique Guest Teacher: Thibaut Witzleb

Each Technique session is between 1 and 2 hours and 15 minutes long


Day 6, 7 and 8

  • Graham Technique 
  • Break 
  • Horton Technique 

Day 9

  • Graham Technique All Level Workshop with Sarah Sulemanji 
  • Graham Technique Teaching Study 
  • Break
  • Horton Technique with Beg/All Level Workshop with Thibaut Witzleb 
  • Horton Technique Study

Day 10

  • Graham Technique Int/Adv Workshop with Sarah Sulemanji 
  • Graham Technique Teaching Study 
  • Break
  • Horton Technique Int/Adv Combination Workshop with Jonathan Castro Rivero 
  • Horton Technique Teaching Study 

All sessions will include Q&As and additional observations from MIU's lessons


CPD Certificate and CPD points are provided after completing the training course.




Please scroll down to learn about our CPD and how the replay sessions work.



Who is it for?

1.   Dance Teachers, professionals, and modern dance lovers looking for excellent CPD training based on the authentic Graham and Horton Techniques. Implement The Methods and the Studies in your own classes. 

2.   For advanced or professional dancers! Learn more about these unique techniques and consolidate the knowledge that you may have forgotten.

3.   You have very flexible students, and you are looking for ways to help them gain more control over their bodies. Sometimes being too flexible can be an issue for dancers, and The Graham and Horton Techniques can tremendously help.

4.   Dancers who want to have cleaner lines through learning the Graham and Horton Techniques.

5.    Dancers who want to focus on contraction, release, and spiral also wish to look more elegant and graceful while remaining powerful by working on the torso, posture, and arms.


Your students will gain:


  • Life-changing skills
  • Better lines
  • Technique and Control
  • Powerful core and centre of the body
  • Incredible strength
  • Understanding of Technique, the basis of all fundamentals of dance, thereby enabling you to pursue any contemporary style
  • Improved coordination
  • Nice placement
  • Nice torso and arms
  • Graceful posture

Please scroll down to see our recent reviews



How to join the CPD Programme?


To purchase this CPD Course, participants can choose between 4 CPD Programmes based on the length and the Technique they wish to study, depending on their budget and how much of the programme they want to do. 

Participants can only access the CPD sessions in Week 2 if they have completed Week 1 lessons beforehand.




Select Your CPD Course and Points

  • 2 Weeks Graham and Horton: £476/$584/€553 (Save £100)...46 CPD Pts / 46hrs
  • 2 Weeks Horton or Graham: £308/$378/€358 (Save £50)....23 CPD Pts / 23hrs
  • 1 Week Graham and Horton: £288/$353/€335 (Save £70)...23 CPD Pts / 23hrs
  • 1 Week Graham or Horton: £179/$219/€208....11.5 CPD Pts/11h30 
  • Private Feedback packages can be added for an additional fee at checkout

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How does the online Teacher Training work?

You can join our online CPD Certificate sessions from anywhere in the world. You will select your CPD course, the method you want to study (2 or 1 technique), and the points you wish to acquire. Once you have signed up, you will receive a link to your live recording sessions and a personal password to access the teacher training. After signing up, the participants have up to three weeks to complete our online CPD training at their own pace

A small fee applies if you require more than three weeks to complete the online training. 

Do you have any questions? Contact us at; we are always happy to help.


How will progress assessments be done?

Participants will be involved in the creative process and perform short tasks based on the Course they choose to study regularly.

Our Course is designed to ensure that you demonstrate these tasks in an efficient and stress-free atmosphere to validate the knowledge acquired during the teacher training in complete confidence. CPD Certificate and CPD points are provided after completing the training course. 

After registration, you will be sent all the instructions and more details via email.


How do I receive my Private Feedback?

If you added a Private Feedback package to your tuition after completing the online course, you would be able to send us a link with your video at with essential exercises of your choice and receive private feedback. Depending on their package, each participant will benefit from personal input on the Technique and accuracy at the end of week 1, week 2 or both. 

The video shouldn't be longer than 20 mins per method and week. For instance, students enrolling in our 2 Weeks course can send two videos of 20 mins each after completing Week 1 and Week 2 or 1 video including both levels in one 40 mins long link.

Private feedback will be given by our course leader or one of our MIU teachers.


How much space do I need to take my online lessons?

Our training is ideal for limited space. Therefore, You do not need to book a studio to attend our long-distance training at MIU, and you can take your classes from the comfort of your own home. Nevertheless, your space must allow you to move safely without obstacles in your way.  



Benefits of taking the Programme:

  • Learn the basic exercises of The Graham and Horton Techniques and the Studies;
  • Set goals and work towards them;
  • Get individual attention;
  • Gain access to a customized curriculum and guidance;
  • Rise above your training plateaus;
  • Speed up your learning;

Join our community in using this fantastic and fun modern dance training to strengthen and build lasting technical foundations for your students!


About Martha Graham and Lester Horton




They Loved It!

All our testimonials are genuine and collected by a third party

"I just wanted to say thank you to you all for the online CPD teacher training, especially after I see how a teacher should be and how dance should be taught. 
Details, transparency, nurturing, being bold, and so much more in 10 lessons."

Cija M.I. Dancer and Dance Teacher

"Thank you for the impressive Certificate; I will treasure that because I have had great pleasure in learning. That is something I will never forget."

Urszula B. Former Ballet Dancer

"The Horton CPD intensive is a fantastic course. The course is very well delivered, full of helpful details with plenty of opportunities to practice and embody the technique. I would highly recommend the course to anyone wanting to gain in-depth knowledge of the technique."

Greta H. Dance Teacher


”The courses have been great! I will be recommending this for some of my teachers!”

Amanda S. Dance studio owner and Modern Instructor





M-Intensive CPD Workshops are non-refundable, non-transferable (unless cancelled by M-Intensive ODT MIU Ltd), and cannot be shared or sold. 

For further information and to book In-person Private or Small Group Lessons, please email or call us at +44(0)20 81543712

(Prices Available On Request)


Please remember you participate in this class at your own risk, are participating voluntarily, and assume all risk of injury to yourself. Please do not record this class, and remember it is for your use only.



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