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M-Intensive Online Dance Training is an international platform dedicated to the Horton and Graham techniques. We offer live and video dance lessons in the UK delivered by a passionate professional. We provide an online Modern Dance training tool that helps you stay fit and strong by following a training routine from anywhere in the world. Our video dance lessons in the UK bring the dance community together and provide an easy way to maintain core strength and fitness, recreating the studio from wherever you may be. Through following the basic exercises of the Graham and Horton techniques or Dance HIIT training, you will remain in peak condition and enjoy a friendly, energetic space in which to keep doing what you love.





For live and video dance lessons in the UK that enable dance professionals and dance lovers to follow a daily routine for modern dance training, get in touch with M-Intensive Online Dance Training.

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During these classes, we will go through the basic exercises of the Graham and Horton techniques, and the studies. These are intensive and fun modern dance training and promote strength throughout your entire body, enabling you to create clear lines and a correct posture when you dance. Drop-in and enjoy discounts with our M-Intensive Zoom Cards available for all live sessions on offer  

Join our community for weekly Horton and Graham classes, new routines, and studies each day!



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Our videos are filmed from a place of love and bring the energy and connection that you experience in a first-class dance studio environment. That is what makes M-Intensive Online Dance Training so special – its ability to make magic happen from anywhere in the world!

If you have any injuries or health concerns, please take care to adapt the exercise programme to suit your personal and physical needs.




About Patrice Moniz

Originally from Cape Verde, Patrice was born and raised in France and has worked in London since 2011. Over the past 17 years, he has performed with many dance companies and choreographers along with featuring in music videos, TV shows, films, and commercials. Patrice joined the Faculty at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts London in 2019. He always teaches from a place of love and forms an honest relationship with pupils to help them grow as dancers.

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Are you looking for video dance lessons in the UK from the comfort of your own home? If so, look no further than M-Intensive Online Dance Training.

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