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Through the Horton & Graham techniques, world-renowned Educator Patrice Moniz and M-Intensive's team of professional dancers, choreographers, and passionate teachers will take you through a unique weekly routine. This offers people a simple and accessible way to work out at home and continue their dance education. Are you a dance teacher looking for a Graham or Horton Certification Programme? Join M-Intensive University and access hundreds of online Horton & Graham dance tutorials, classes, and weekly live private sessions with your instructor. 



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If you are a Dance Teacher or a trained dancer looking for a Graham or Horton techniques Certification Programme, join MIU today.

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About Patrice Moniz

Founder & Director of M-Intensive Online Dance Training MIU




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"The Graham and Horton techniques changed the face of the dance world and my life!

Martha Graham's and Lester Horton's visions influenced my dance career and inspired me to become a dance instructor many years ago.
I am so grateful to them for creating such unique languages; these techniques are fundamentals and pillars of success for any dancer embracing them. Thank you 
to my mentors for this precious gift, guidance, support, and kindness. It would be impossible to count how you've helped me in my career.

Martha Graham and Lester Horton are more relevant than ever, and I founded MIU to support our mission in preserving their legacy eternally."

- Patrice Moniz

Patrice Moniz is an international Performer, a world-renowned Horton and Graham Techniques Educator, and a Choreographer with more than 19 years of experience in the entertainment industry. He's Originally from Cape Verde, born and raised in France, based in London. Patrice studied ballet at l'Akadémie in Mulhouse in the northeast of France with Mrs. and Mr. RIBA. He discovered the Graham and Horton techniques in Paris with Pasqualina Noël, a former Graham Ensemble and Pearl Lang Dance Theater Company member, and Magali Vérin, an Ailey School graduate and founder of Corpo M' Company. Patrice received an Honorary Fulbright Scholarship for his professional dance training in ballet, Horton, Graham, Jazz, and contemporary dance. 

He graduated from the Académie Internationale De La Danse, The Institut de Formation Rick Odums in Paris. He then continued his professional training at the prestigious The Ailey School in New York City. After receiving rigorous Graham and Horton techniques training for several years, Patrice teaches the Martha Graham and Lester Horton techniques and studied the methods in-depth with world-acclaimed modern dance figures and Master Teachers such as Mrs. Kazuko Hirabayashi and Mr. Milton Myers.






Patrice began his early career in Cabaret as a Latin Dancer and choreographer with The Music Hall Viva Brasil in France. Over the past years, Patrice has performed Internationally with many dance companies and choreographers, including Finest Ballet Brasil (Zurich), Modern Dance Ensemble Company (Paris), Brazilian Fantasy Dance Company (London), BOP Jazz Theatre Company (London), Reuben Feels Company (London), The Grand Expedition - an Immersive Theatre show - (London) and was an apprentice with the Béjart Ballet Lausanne. 

Patrice understudied The Beloved (1948), Lester Horton, and performed works choreographed by Martha Graham, Ted Shawn, Dollie Henry, Rick Odums, and Maurice Béjart. Patrice has worked as a freelance artist and actor in various projects, including the Brit Awards. He has also performed in different music videos, TV, films, and commercials. 


In April 2020, Patrice founded M-Intensive Online Dance Training, an international dance platform dedicated to the Horton and Graham techniques. One year later, he created M-intensive University. It provides online and in-studio Graham and Horton techniques classes, Certification, and workshops for Dance Teachers and Modern Dance lovers looking for accessible teacher training and resources in Horton & Graham Techniques.
He's also regularly invited as a Horton & Graham Educator and coach worldwide by vocational schools and companies.





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Martha Graham

Dancer, Choreographer, and Educator




Martha Graham, a pioneer of American modern dance (May 11, 1894 – April 1, 1991)

"There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost."
- Martha Graham


In her lifetime, Martha Graham freed the art of dance by providing a new dance language and concept, the Graham technique.

She studied at the Denishawn School run by Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn in Los Angeles. Graham founded her dance company and the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in 1926. During this time, her pieces, including Lamentation, often dealt with social problems. In 1929, she choreographed her first non-solo ballet, Heretic. In 1938, Graham was invited by Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt to the White House. In 1939, Merce Cunningham and Erick Hawkins (who became her husband) joined her company. In 1944, she created Appalachian Spring, her first collaboration with the set designer, Isamu Noguchi. During this period, many of her pieces dealt with mythology, including Cave of the Heart, Errand Into the Maze, and Night Journey. Paul Taylor joined her company in 1955, and in 1956, she won the Dance Magazine Award. In 1976 President Gerald R. Ford bestowed upon Martha Graham the United States' highest civilian honor, The Presidential Medal of Freedom, making her the first dancer and choreographer to receive this honor. Martha Graham created 181 ballets and choreographed until her death in 1991 at the age of 96. In developing her technique, Martha Graham experimented endlessly with basic human movement, beginning with the most elemental movements of contraction and release. Using these principles as the foundation for her technique, she built a vocabulary of movement that would "increase the emotional activity of the dancer's body." Her company was the training ground for many future modern choreographers, including Merce Cunningham, Paul Taylor, and Twyla Tharp.

Her approach to dance and theater revolutionized the art form, and her innovative physical vocabulary has irrevocably influenced dance worldwide.

TIME magazine named Martha Graham "Dancer of the Century," and in 2015, she was posthumously inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame.






Lester Horton

Dancer, Choreographer, and Educator



Lester Horton, a pioneer of American modern dance (Jan 23, 1906 – Nov 2, 1953)

"I am sincerely trying now to create a dance technique based entirely upon corrective exercises, created with a knowledge of human anatomy; a technique which will correct physical faults and prepare a dancer for any dancing he may wish to follow; a technique having all the basic movements which govern the actions of the body; combined with a knowledge of the origin of movement and a sense of artistic design."

- Lester Horton


He achieved fame as a dancer, choreographer, and especially as a teacher. He created the Horton technique.

His fascination with Native American dances and performances he saw by Ted Shawn and Ruth St.Denis in 1922 encouraged him to take dance lessons. He studied ballet in Indianapolis and Chicago then pursued his training in New Mexico and Los Angeles. He danced with Michio Ito's Company, and in 1932 he formed his dance company, the Lester Horton Dancers. He produced his first evening-length concert at the Shrine Auditorium in 1934, and in 1937 he was invited to choreograph a ballet, his own Sacre du Printemps, for the Hollywood Bowl. His flair in converting ethnic dances into commercial formats allowed him to choreograph films from 1940 to the early 1950s. He is well-known for paying meticulous attention to all technical aspects of production, including sets and costumes. He combined dance and drama into fascinating choreography. "The Beloved" was an early featured performance of his company. His interest in culture, history, and humanity was articulated in every facet of his work. Horton established the Lester Horton Dance Theater, one of the first permanent theaters dedicated to modern dance in the US, in Los Angeles in 1946. It closed its doors in 1960. Horton left a significant legacy of modern dance in the world; his unique training technique combined Native American Folk Dance elements, Afro-Caribbean hip circles, Javanese and Balinese isolations of the upper body, Japanese arm gestures, and a new whole body, anatomical approach to movement. 

Horton's students carry on his legacy through their individual companies' repertoire and training schools. Among the best known are Alvin Ailey, Joyce Trisler, Carmen De Lavallade, Janet Collins, and Bella Lewitzky. 

The "Horton Dance Awards," honoring excellence in the field of modern dance, are given annually by the Dance Resource Center of Los Angeles in honor of Lester Horton.







 Our Graham & Horton Experts Teachers and Examiners

At MIU, you'll also learn from leading Expert Teachers who will teach on a specific Graham or Horton topic every month. Access live classes and recordings from anywhere you are in the world.







The MIU Online CPD Masterclass

Graham & Horton Ancestral Heritage

M-Intensive University is delighted to announce our second CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training course for dance teachers and dancers passionate about Martha Graham's and Lester Horton's dance techniques. This course segment will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the DNA of Graham and Horton Techniques, building on the success of our first online CPD training.

Over six days, you will enjoy daily masterclasses conducted by international dance experts and cultural ambassadors in their fields. You'll embark on a journey of discovery, exploring how traditional forms of expression have influenced the Graham and Horton methods and contributed to creating essential shapes used in modern dance techniques.

By understanding and highlighting these influences, we can better preserve and acknowledge these ancestral dances for their spiritual and cultural heritage. From the positions of the feet to the laterals, pelvic action, spirals, and arm gestures, you'll delve into the roots of the methods you love, taking your teaching practice to another level.

Our online CPD is designed to provide instructors and dance practitioners with authentic knowledge of the Graham and Horton Techniques. The daily lessons and essential Horton and Graham movement studies will be tailored to the event and led by our MIU experts.

This summer, you can experience this unique dance course from anywhere in the world with our live CPD Masterclass on Zoom and replays available.

After completing the online training course, a CPD certificate will be provided.

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An Inspirational and creative Horton Teacher Training

I was looking for further Horton Technique resources; MIU gave me essential teaching tools and reinforced my knowledge of the Technique to grow as a teacher. The training is intense, exigent with a nurturing approach from every teacher invited along with P. Moniz, which allowed me to think independently to become more confident in my choices and create works rooted in solid foundations. Thank you so much for everything.

Vero DLF. Horton Technique Teacher and Dancer

(Horton Technique Certification 5 MIU Graduate) 



Online Dance Classes in UK










Amazing Graham Technique Teacher Training!

These are amazing classes on the technique of Martha Graham. I studied with Patrice Moniz! The information is structured and accurate; it's been a long time since I received so many corrections in the technique. This indicates the teacher's high professional skill of the teacher, Patrice. Even the language barrier is not a hindrance; our meetings are so accurate and associative; Thank you so much!

Alek K. Graham Technique Teacher and Dancer

(Graham Technique Certification 4 MIU Graduate)

The Certification Programme

Our Expert Teachers at MIU




If you wish to help lift our community, you can participate and support our school in taking the legacy of Martha Graham & Lester Horton into the future.




All our testimonials are genuine and collected by a third party.

Patrice is the reason I made it on to a top dance school in the U.K....

After years of unsuccessful auditions, he was able to deconstruct my wrongdoings and design an adjusted course for me. He demonstrated consistent professionalism and a clear knowledge of his craft at all times. He indeed catered to all of my needs by setting a strong foundation within me, and later by warm up to more complex combos and stretching routines. If you'd like to improve on dance performance, technique, strength and flexibility or simply be a better dancer, I highly encourage you to get in contact with him. From the heart. N.G. (Dancer)   |     |  

The intense six-week Graham and Horton training period taught me everything I had to know...

Taking Horton with M-Intensive helped me massively when applying to the Juilliard summer programme. I was looking for more classes to take in Horton, and when the opportunity came to participate in the 6-week training programme with M-intensive, I was elated. It couldn’t have come at a better time, and I learned so much in the six weeks, which prepared me for what was to come ahead in the Juilliard summer programme. The intense six-week training period taught me everything I had to know prior to the summer programme, and I was so grateful to be able to have that extra training. I would totally take M-intensive again as I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the programme and learned so much in just six lessons. K.H. (Dancer)   |     |  

I truly recommend M-Intensive to absolutely anyone who is eager to discover more about The Horton and Graham Techniques....

My lovely experience with M-Intensive I have had the best experience with the M-Intensive Team and I couldn't be more grateful for all the dedication Mr.Patrice has put in each and every lesson we had together. I found so much about new ways of using my body throughout the Horton Technique. The M-Intensive Online Dance Platform is filled with hundreds of tutorials and videos that are extremely useful when learning a new technique. I truly recommend M-Intensive to absolutely anyone who is eager to discover more about The Graham and Horton Techniques. Thank you again for everything!!! N.S. (Dancer)   |     |  

Amazing quality...

I really enjoyed the online class with Patrice. He was so attentive and gave corrections when needed. The exercises were repeated so that the dancers were able to understand and we were encouraged throughout the lesson as well as challenged. I thoroughly enjoyed class today and can’t wait to come back for the next one. Thank you :) C.C. (Dancer)   |     |  

Great class!...

Great class with Patrice Moniz! The Graham technique is really difficult and demanding but he made it so easy and explained all the necessary basics that this technique requires! I've learned a lot even though it was just an hour of class! Thank you again! A.J. (Dancer)   |     |  


Insaneee! Absolutely love Patrices classes! Even over Zoom his energy comes through the screen! Always feel so positive afterwards :-) A.B. (Dancer)   |     |  

Doing Horton and Graham and being pushed by Patrice’s great energy lights up my time at home!...

The only good thing about the lockdown is that, even living far away, I get to take classes with Patrice again! Doing Horton and Graham and being pushed by Patrice’s great energy lights up my time at home! E.M. (Educational Tutor)   |     |  

Of all the online classes I have done over.......

Of all the online classes I have done over the pandemic, this has by far been the one where I have felt the most energised and connected and encouraged. I felt "seen" by Patrice and you could feel his energy with you. When the class finished and it was back to just me in my room, I was astonished at the difference in energy - how I really felt like I had just been in the studio with him, and was a little sad it had ended, like I wanted it to go on for longer. K.C. (Dancer)   |     |  

I highly recommend Patrice classes for anyone beginner or advanced who wants.... ...

I did a Graham class with Patrice and I was greatly inspired and motivated by his teaching style. He was explaining the sequences & exercises very well and the pace of the lesson was ideal for all levels. Patrice has a very enthusiastic personality and this creates a positive climate and makes the dance both fun and a good training. Also, I really enjoyed Patrice's dance phrases as they are challenging but again he will make sure to explain them to meet the needs of all levels. I highly recommend Patrice classes for anyone beginner or advanced who wants both a fun and a real dance training! E.Y. (Guide)   |     |  

A fantastic class that I would highly recommend for professional dancers...

A fantastic class that I would highly recommend for professional dancers looking to maintain their technique as well as those who want to enjoy learning the principals of Horton technique. Taught with energy and filled with joy, a really great way to work your body. D.B. (Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer)   |     |  

Patrice is committed to bringing out the best in you as a dancer....

Patrice is committed to bringing out the best in you as a dancer. His private classes are personal and tailored to your abilities and style. He hones and sharpens what you are already good at and helps you develop old and new techniques to a high level.  His years of training and talent means he can deconstruct choreographies and in techniques in a way that even a novice like me can understand. His classes were always well prepared and carefully thought out, but it's not always so serious! He brings a lightness and ease to his training which makes it fun and a pleasure to train with. B.B. (Lawyer)   |     |  

With his background in Ballet and Modern Dance techniques he has been invaluable in training our company members. ...

I have been pleased to have Patrice as the principle company trainer of my dance company for many years. Patrice is at all times 100% professional and has excellent attention to detail and an impeccable work ethic, strongly leading the team whilst maintaining an atmosphere of camaraderie.  With his background in Ballet and Modern Dance techniques he has been invaluable in training our company members. His strong personal discipline and professional approach to dance shines through at all times and he brings oodles of personality to the role. Every company member has personally benefited from his guidance and teaching philosophies. Patrice has that rare combination of skill, discipline and personality! D.E. (Dancer and Company Director)   |     |  

Training with Patrice has changed my view in dance....

Training with Patrice has changed my view in dance. I had no previous experience in academic dance and started my career in my mid 20's. I started taking his classes because I wanted to enter a dance competition, he taught me discipline and hard work.   Needless to say, it contributed to me winning the 1st prize! It was worth every sweat and penny. Thank you for your incredible passion and patience. H.M.E. (Dancer and Business Owner)   |     |  

You will always learn something new and have the best time with Patrice, time you will never forget!...

Everything he does is filled with intention and years of discipline and service to the craft.  His classes always remind me to be focused and strong, but always to enjoy and love what we do. I am always inspired by his energy and in turn it brings more energy into my own performance as a dancer. Patrice also choreographed a piece for me. It was wonderful because it was also a collaborative process which meant I learned in more ways than to just learn the piece.  I learned how to make a piece that is interesting and challenging too, not to take the easy route. You will always learn something new and have the best time with Patrice, time you will never forget! Y. N. (Actor)   |     |  

I enjoyed M-Intensive Online Dance training program so much...

I enjoyed M-Intensive Online Dance training program so much as there are different style of dance technique during the intensive week and I found it useful to myself as a dancer especially at this time that no lesson can be happening in the studio and the live dance you provide really works for me as it doesn’t really taken a lot of space. I can do it in my living room, my bedroom etc and I do sweat during the live lesson as much as I have in the studio before. The technique you provide help me to keep my body in shape even at home so I don’t need to worry when I get back to university to continue my dance degree after summer. A.L. (Dancer)   |     |  

I highly recommend anyone to try Patrice’s classes. ...

Since the lockdown, I, like so many others have had to adapt my training regime. There was no more convenience and stability of going to my local fitness gym for a workout. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Luckily for me I came across Patrice Moniz’s profile on Instagram and noticed that he would be instructing online classes. Mind you, I am not a professional dancer by no means, but I thought this was perfect for my something new for fitness. In few weeks Patrice had given me the insight to The Horton Technique, choreography, HIIT, incredible strengthening exercises for the core, arms, legs and buttocks and so much more... He was able to make me feel at ease in his class from day one and explained each part of the class so that I (non dancer) like me could understand perfectly. I never once felt like an outsider amongst so many remarkably talented dancers. I felt like I was a part of the class.  I highly recommend anyone to try Patrice’s classes. You will be very happy you did. I am hooked on this beautiful new form of fitness and I look forward to the next schedule of classes. Personally, I have always respected the art of dance... now, I have the upmost respect and admiration for this stunning gift of dance.” W.J. (Singer)   |     |  

Patrice is a wonderful teacher and you gain so much clarity of technique through the intensity of the lessons!...

I took my first Horton lesson at age 14 and to tell the truth I was a little bit scared at first as it was my first ever dance class in London! But I quickly fell in love with the rhythmic pattern of Horton and with Patrice's teaching! When I went to a different teacher few years later on it was familiar but somehow not as enjoyable as when I was learning from Patrice!  As a Latin and Jazz dancer Horton has helped my strength and core technique immeasurably! Patrice is a wonderful teacher and you gain so much clarity of technique through the intensity of the lessons! R.M. (Dancer)   |     |  

Simply a great time with a great teacher, just go for it!...

I really enjoy the online dance classes of Patrice, it’s refreshing, funny and so liberating for the body and mind! He demonstrates the movements very well and shares his passion and happiness with people! Simply a great time with a great teacher, just go for it! L.C. (Aspiring Yoga Teacher)   |     |  



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