Private Group Programme

Based on the Horton and Graham techniques, the Private Professional Programme is an amazing way to fortify and correct the body. These techniques are grounded in a knowledge of the human anatomy and emphatically corrects physical faults, preparing you for any kind of dancing you wish to pursue!

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The Modern Dance Programme 

Keep your body in superb condition and bolster your elegance as a dancer with M-Intensive's Modern Dance Programme. Available to up to 12 dancers, the programme incorporates the basics of the Horton and Graham techniques and the studies, running you through each fundamental movement in accordance with how you learn best. Combining these famous routines and pushing yourself to take risks enables professionals to become more refined, confident dancers with a wider range of techniques. We will work with you to consolidate and boost two key areas of Modern Dance – strengthening your legs, back, and core muscles and focusing on contraction and release to ensure you dance with clear lines and a correct posture, with particular emphasis on your torso and arms. Working on these two areas together is the best way to develop a beautiful and robust technique. The Modern Dance Programme is therefore perfect for those who wish to correct technical faults, challenge their limitations, and prepare themselves for all forms of dance!

  • Improve spatial awareness and balance
  • Increase length in the spine and hamstrings
  • Breathe more efficiently during contractions, releases, and spirals
  • Achieve unity between the spine and pelvis when twisting and curving the torso
  • Refine technique for ascent/descent and laterals
  • Develop strength and flexibility
  • Give your body more energy and bolster your focus





Who is it for?

1.   Adults or teenagers beginners who want to improve their strength and enjoy a fun and challenging introduction to dancing.

2.   For advanced or professional dancers and Modern Dance lovers! Learn more about these unique techniques and consolidate the knowledge that you may have forgotten.

3.   For very flexible dancers who want to gain more control in their bodies. Sometimes being too flexible can be an issue for dancers, and The Modern Dance Programme will fix that.

4.   Dancers who want to have cleaner lines through learning the Graham and Horton Techniques.

5.    Dancers who want to focus on contraction, release and spiral but also who wish to look more elegant, graceful whilst remaining powerful by working on torso, posture and arms.


The Modern Dance Programme is for those who want to have the best possible technique for all forms of dance by teaching you all the basic movements that govern the body. You will gain:


  • Life-changing skills
  • Better lines
  • Technique and Control
  • Powerful core and centre of the body
  • Incredible strength
  • Understanding of technique, the basis of all fundamentals of dance, thereby enabling you to pursue any contemporary style
  • Improved coordination
  • Nice placement
  • Nice torso and arms
  • Graceful posture



How to join the Modern Dance Programme?


To purchase this programme, participants can buy M-Intensive Private Group Zoom or In-Studio Cards and receive free merchandise for their first order. The aim is to study the Modern Dance Programme over a period of time so that participants can have access to four, 6, 8 or 10 private lessons group cards, depending on the nature of your budget and how much of the programme you want to do. 

These private sessions are hosted by M-Intensive Online Dance Training and can be taken from different Zoom accounts if it's more convenient. Please contact after purchasing to claim your personal meeting links. 





M-Intensive Private Group Cards 

  •          10  £1050.......10 / 1h
  •           8   £940...........8 / 1h
  •           6   £750...........6 / 1h 
  •           4   £525...........4 / 1h


M-Intensive Private Group Cards





Benefits of taking the Programme:

  • Learn the basic exercises of The Graham and Horton Techniques and the Studies;
  • Set goals and work towards them;
  • Get individual attention;
  • Gain access to a customized curriculum and guidance;
  • Rise above your training plateaus;
  • Speed up your learning;
  • Composed for your body type;

Join our community in using this fantastic and fun modern dance training to strengthen your body!




"This is an amazing programme that helps you attain incredible technique, strength and precise lines. You will dance with greater artistry and emotion, truly expressing yourself and occupying space in a powerful way, giving you the perfect foundation for mastering all forms of contemporary dance! You will also feel brilliant as you go through each Horton and Graham study!"

About Martha Graham and Lester Horton




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