Private Weight loss Programme

Who said you must be a dancer to have a dancer's body? Not us!


Are you looking to lose some weight? Get it done with the M-Intensive method!

Patrice Moniz, founder of M-Intensive, will take you on a journey of discovery by using a mix of modern dance and basic fitness exercises that will proactively target every part of your body. You will also discover the foundation of his method and how he lost 15 kgs in less than three months. At M-Intensive, we are not promising you the impossible; you will follow Patrice's lifestyle by using the Power of 4:

Dream + Inspired Action + Perseverance = RESULT

Patrice's coaching will transform your life by changing how you visualise your body; you will learn how to love yourself, set clear goals, and apply self-discipline and consistency in your daily routine, which is essential to gain the desired changes. 

At M-Intensive, we use the Horton and Graham techniques' invaluable benefits paired with weekly body conditioning exercises to give you healthy and long-lasting results.

You do not need to be a dancer to have a harmonious and solid physique. At M-Intensive, we believe everyone deserves to benefit from Patrice's expertise and philosophy





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They loved it!


Since early Spring this year, I have had the desire to learn something new. I wanted to add a different dimension to my physical training regime. I found just what I was looking for.... was dance. I am not a professional dancer by any standards... just wanted to challenge myself to something extraordinary. Coming across an amazing online dance class on Zoom with the phenomenal Patrice Moniz, director of M-Intensive, was a privilege and an honour.

This was my introduction to the beautiful "World of Dance"! 
I am grateful to have been taught the amazing Horton Technique, Graham, and HIIT Training by Patrice. It has enhanced my fitness, my mental mindset, and my physique. This has been an unforgettable experience and one that I will always cherish. I see and love dance in a completely new light! I have purchased video dance lessons to continue my newfound love and appreciation for dance. 

I may not be a professional dancer, but I do feel like I am a part of the M-Intensive community. It always has a welcoming and special vibe.

Thank you very much, Patrice, for your expertise, patience, motivation, and inspiration... I am wearing my M Intensive tee shirt proudly!

Whitney G. Jones

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Your Best Self Is Waiting For You At MIU

Twelve months ago, my body was a mess: I was overweight, out of shape, and unshapely. Another fad diet, gym membership, or life coach would be more waste of time, money, energy, and, most of all, hope. The solution would have to be practical, creative, and encompassing. I'd also have to see quick results to have the courage to stay at it. 

I found MIU on Instagram. Even though I was a physical wreck, had no dance experience at all, and I'm in my middle fifties, I asked Patrice to do what I thought was impossible- help me get physically healthy. A year later, I'm in much more than the best physical condition of my life. My life is solidly, sustainably, and objectively better than I ever thought it could be. 

Before you join MIU, ask yourself these questions: Are you interested in more than just losing weight and getting in shape? The real question is this: Are you ready for your body to become more than you ever thought it could be? If the answer to the last question is at least "maybe," then you owe it to your body and life to join MIU and its dance community. You'll learn to do much more than just manage your physical health. 

You'll become someone you never thought you could be.

Jason Fish, M.D.

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