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As a trained dancer or a passionate dance enthusiast, staying in peak condition and remaining connected with the dance community is so important. That is why M-Intensive Online Dance Training is here to provide professionally guided online dance classes in the UK. Our online dance lessons serve as a simple tool for maintaining peak strength and fitness from your own home. Along with practicing the Graham and Horton techniques or Dance HIIT training – fundamentals for becoming a powerful and elegant dancer – we offer bespoke arrangements such as one-on-one appointments on Zoom. We are here to bring the dance community together in a warm, welcoming space.




If you want a one-on-one workout or wish to practice a particular form of core training, we are on hand to provide you with what you need. We offer weekly one-on-one online live dance classes on Zoom, along with private group classes. The M-Intensive Online Dance Training can also be experienced worldwide through Modern Dance (Horton and Graham techniques) workshops and choreography.
Our online and in-person dance classes in the UK are designed to bring the dance community together. 
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The MIU Online Graham & Horton CPD Workshop

MIU Certified Online Horton & Graham School 

M-Intensive University is a Graham & Horton Techniques online School and Continuing Education Provider registered in England and Wales.


Over ten days, we will progressively cover the traditional exercises and movements of The Horton and Graham Techniques from Beginner to Advanced levels. You will receive all the information you need to learn in-depth the syllabus required to teach the methods how they should be. This intimate teacher training is composed of 10 rigorous lessons that will allow you to practice and implement what you've learned along the way in practical classes and workshops. 

Our teacher training will prepare you thoroughly to successfully introduce your students to the Horton and Graham Techniques.

Participants earn their CPD Certificate after completing 1 or 2 Weeks. Students select the CPD course they wish to do and the points they desire to acquire. The Course led by our instructors will include the structure of the essential exercises of Martha Graham and Lester Horton's Techniques. Our teachers will also guide you in Choreography Workshops, an important aspect of both methods. 

Traditional Graham Technique Floor Work, Standing and Across the Floor movements such as the Bounces, 3's and 6's, Deep Stretches, Turns Around The Back, Exercise on Six, Back Leg Extension, and more. The most emblematic exercises of the Horton Technique include Roll Down, Flat Back Series on 3, Primitive Squat, Laterals, Lateral T, Release Swings, Fortifications, Preludes, Hinge Studies, Elementary Balance, Across the floor sequences, Combination, and more.


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Expert Teacher Of The Month at MIU

Horton Technique with Domenico Izzo

Level: Beginner


Domenico Izzo is an Italian dancer, choreographer, and certified Horton Technique Teacher based in Rome, born in Naples, Italy. He began his professional dance training by studying different dance styles with Italy's most prominent dance teachers and trained in various international workshops. Domenico studied dance at an early age, and the Horton Technique was one of the first dance techniques he learned, along with Classical Ballet and Jazz.

He's a former student of the prestigious Ailey School in New York City and graduated with honour in 2013 as the only European of the academic year. 

Domenico studied the Horton Technique in-depth for many years with world-acclaimed Master Teachers such as Ana Marie Forsythe, Milton Myers, Elizabeth Roxas, and Freddie Moore. Over the past decade, Domenico acquired significant experience teaching the Lester Horton Technique, enriched by the diversity of his training in NYC. Over the years, he developed a distinctive style and a refreshing approach that makes his class unique and beneficial to anyone, regardless of their dance background. 

Domenico is also a dancer and a freelance artist who performed with many dance companies in NYC. In 2013, his passion and dedication to the method motivated him to travel and share his knowledge in Europe. He moved to the UK and was invited to share his expertise in London at the London Studio Centre, WAC Performing Arts & Media College, and Ruggeri Dance Academy. 

In 2014, he returned to Italy to spread his love for the Horton Technique in his own country and teach at AS.LA.DA dance school. From 2015 to 2021, he was also the leading Horton Technique Instructor at MAS Music in the Three-Year Programme and the first Junior Division.

In 2021, Domenico moved to Rome, where he teaches Horton Technique at the Accademia Europea Di Danza, directed by the world-renowned Italian-American dancer and choreographer Joseph Fontano. Domenico's authentic knowledge will benefit our students enormously. His class prepares dancers for any dancing they wish to pursue by giving them solid foundations that create flexible and robust bodies. 

We are thrilled to welcome Domenico Izzo to MIU again; his knowledge and brilliant choreography skills make him an invaluable Horton Technique Instructor in Italy and one of the best in Europe.

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Our 1-On-1 Programmes




One-on-One Classes

The Private Coaching Programme is for dancers who want to improve, excel, and become the best dancer they can be. Also, for dancers in need of coaching for performances, competitions, college audition preparation, summer program video submissions, pre-professional programmes, and choreography.

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My lovely experience with M-Intensive 

I have had the best experience with the M-Intensive Team and I couldn't be more grateful for all the dedication Mr.Patrice has put in each and every lesson we had together. I found so much about new ways of using my body throughout the Graham and Horton Techniques. The M-Intensive Online Dance Platform is filled with hundreds of tutorials and videos that are extremely useful when learning a new technique. I truly recommend M-Intensive to absolutely anyone who is eager to discover more about The Graham and Horton Techniques.
Thank you again for everything!!!!

Nora S. (Student at the Martha Graham School and MIU Member) Bucharest













I Learned so much in just six lessons

Taking Horton with M-Intensive helped me massively when applying to the Juilliard summer programme. I was looking for more classes to take in Horton, and when the opportunity came to participate in the 6-week training programme with M-intensive, I was elated. It couldn't have come at a better time, and I learned so much in the six weeks, which prepared me for what was to come ahead in the Juilliard summer programme. The intense six-week training period taught me everything I had to know prior to the summer programme, and I was so grateful to be able to have that extra training. I would totally take M-intensive again as I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the programme and learned so much in just six lessons.

Keavie H. (Dancer) Glasgow


For further information and to book In-person Private Lessons please email or call us at +44(0)20 81543712

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Private Dance Lessons:

Whether you are an adult beginner a dancer preparing for auditions or perhaps you need some targeted help on getting the most out the Graham and Horton techniques, we are able to offer private dance classes and one on one coaching sessions. During these classes, we will go through the basic exercises and Studies of the Horton or Graham techniques. We can also include HIIT and Body Conditioning Training, these are keys to developing the holistic strength needed to become a strong dancer.



Gain a better understanding of specific areas of your training;

Set goals and work towards them;

Get individual attention;

Gain access to a customized curriculum and guidance;

Rise above your training plateaus;

Speed up your learning;

Composed for your body type;




Book a one-on-one session today to receive the help that you need from an experienced professional. Live classes are available for you to access, giving you a first-class dance education at any time and any place to get you closer to your goals. 




  1-ON-1 STAR SESSION.......£62 / 1 hr 20

 1-ON-1 MIU SESSION....£40 / 1 hr

  1-ON-1 SMILE SESSION........£35 / 45 min

+ Admin Fee


Discover our 1-On-1 Programmes

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The Contraction Programme

The Fortification Programme



For further information and to book In-person Private Lessons please email or call us at +44(0)20 81543712

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All private classes must be booked a minimum of 24 hours in advance.


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Private Group Programme 

Whether you are a group of adult beginners, pre-professional or professional dancers preparing for auditions, performances, or perhaps you need some targeted help on getting the most out of the Graham and Horton techniques, we are able to offer private group dance classes and coaching sessions. During these classes, we will go through the basic exercises and Studies of the Horton and Graham techniques. 


Available to up to 16 participants, The Modern Dance Programme is for those who want to have the best possible technique for all forms of dance by teaching you all the basic movements that govern the body.


You will gain:

Life-changing skills

Better lines

Technique and Control

Powerful core

Incredible strength

Nice placement


M-Intensive Modern Dance Programme

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Small Groups 

Many people find it easier to operate at their best when surrounded by their dance partners. Encouraging each other and working hard as a unit is so important in dance education.

Our video dance lessons in the UK enable groups to get together on Zoom for a live session, allowing you to recreate the mood of a studio.



PRIVATE 8 PEOPLE SESSION...£112 / 1 hr 15

PRIVATE 4 PEOPLE SESSION....£72 / 1 hr 15

PRIVATE DUET SESSION........£52 / 1 hr 15

+ Admin Fee

Book 2 Private Small Group Sessions and get a 30% discount on your next class!

For further information and to book In-person Private Small Group Lessons please email or call us at +44(0)20 81543712

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