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As a trained dancer or a passionate dance enthusiast, staying in peak condition and remaining connected with the dance community is so important. That is why M-Intensive Online Dance Training is here to provide professionally guided video dance lessons in the UK. Our online dance courses serve as a simple tool for maintaining peak strength and fitness from your own home. Along with practicing the Horton technique and HIIT training – two fundamentals for becoming a powerful and elegant dancer – we offer bespoke arrangements such as one-on-one appointments on Zoom. We are here to bring the dance community together in a warm, welcoming space.




If you want a one-on-one workout or wish to practice a particular form of core training, we are on hand to provide you with what you need. We provide weekly one-on-one online live dance classes on Zoom, along with group classes of up to 25 participants.The M-Intensive Online Dance Training can also be experienced 'Live' worldwide through Modern Dance workshops and choreography.
Our video dance lessons in the UK are designed to bring the dance community together.

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Additional Courses


One-on-One Classes

Sometimes it can be hard to focus on your intensive training with others around you, or perhaps you need some targeted help on getting the most out the Graham, Horton techniques and HIIT workout. 

The Private Coaching Program is for dancers who want to improve, excel, and become the best dancer they can be. Also for dancers in need of coaching for competitions, college audition preparation, summer program video submissions, or pre-professional programs, and choreography.  

Book a one-on-one session today to receive the help that you need from an experienced professional. Live classes are available for you to access, giving you a first-class dance education at any time and any place to get you closer to your goals.



1 ON 1 STUDENT* SESSION........£40 / 1 hr

1 ON 1 SILVER SESSION..........£50 / 45 min

1 ON 1 GOLD SESSION.................£70 / 1 hr

Book 3 Private Sessions and get a 50% discount on your next class!

For further information and to book In-person Private Lessons please email or call us +44(0)20 3908 0020

(Prices Available On Request)

*Student Discount for anyone aged 16 to 25, or over 25 and in full-time study.


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Small Groups 

Many people find it easier to operate at their best when surrounded by their dance partners. Encouraging each other and working hard as a unit is so important in dance education.

Our video dance lessons in the UK enable groups to get together on Zoom for a live session, allowing you to recreate the mood of a studio.



PRIVATE DUET SESSION...............£60 / 1 hr

PRIVATE 4 PEOPLE SESSION........£95 / 1 hr 

PRIVATE 8 PEOPLE SESSION.......£165/ 1 hr

Book 3 Private Small Group Sessions and get a 50% discount on your next class!

For further information and to book In-person Private Small Group Lessons please email or call us +44(0)20 3908 0020

(Prices Available On Request)


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