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M-Intensive Online Dance Training is a platform dedicated to the Graham and Horton techniques. We offer online and in-studio dance classes in the UK delivered by passionate professionals. We provide an online Modern Dance training tool that helps you stay fit and strong by following a training routine from anywhere in the world. By following the basic exercises of the Horton and Graham techniques or Dance HIIT training, you will remain in peak condition and enjoy a friendly, energetic space in which to keep doing what you love. M-intensive University MIU is an online and in-studio Graham and Horton techniques school for Dance Teachers and Modern Dance lovers looking for accessible teacher training, Certification, workshops, and resources in Horton & Graham Techniques. You can make use of hundreds of tutorials and training videos that take you through all authentic aspects of these techniques, with new Horton and Graham studies and leading expert teachers invited regularly. Our online dance classes in the UK bring the dance community together and provide an easy way to maintain core strength and fitness, recreating the studio from wherever you may be. 




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Guest Expert Of The Month

 We are thrilled to welcome Leon A. Cobb to M-Intensive University for a special online Graham Technique workshop for teachers and Graham lovers.

Friday 27th of May 2022, 3:30 - 4:45 pm UK time 

Free of charge for MIU Members

Leon A. Cobb is a former dancer of The Martha Graham Dance Company, a choreographer, a freelance artist, and a dance teacher based in Miami, US. Raised in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, he began his dance training at 17 years old at Boynton Beach community high school and the Dancers Alchemy of Southern Dance Theater. 
Mr. Cobb has learned the Graham and Horton Techniques for many years and trained at the prestigious The Ailey School, Martha Graham School, and Alonzo King LINES Ballet summer intensive as a scholarship fellowship student and New World School of the Arts/University of Florida BFA degree graduate class of 2015. Leon is an international and versatile artist who enjoys exploring new dance styles to express himself through choreography both as a performer and a choreographer. He has professionally danced with world-acclaimed dance companies in the US, such as Josée Garrant, Limón Dance Company, MOMIX Contemporary Dance, Dance Theatre of Harlem, and Graham 2. Leon A. Cobb toured the world and performed the most emblematic ballet of Martha Graham...

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The Horton and Graham Workshop at MIU

We are delighted to offer In-Studio Graham and Horton workshop in the UK! Meet Patrice Moniz at Base Dance Studios in London, for a modern dance and contemporary choreography workshop!

Saturday 11 and Saturday 18 June 2022.

We cannot wait to see you all there soon! 

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Classes Description:

Graham and Horton Techniques with Patrice Moniz 
These classes are for dancers and dance teachers who wish to deepen their understanding of Graham and Horton in rigorous, educative, and fun training sessions:
We will work on your technique thoroughly in a rigorous and fun atmosphere during this contemporary workshop based on the authentic Graham and Horton Techniques. 
We will cover every aspect of your training; with Horton and Graham, we will focus on clarity of lines, placement, strength, flexibility, isolations, and dynamics. The Graham Technique will work the contraction and release, emphasising the pelvis area, stretching you, and strengthening your core deeply. 
It will enhance your posture by expanding your range of motion to occupy the space in a powerful way and perform with greater artistry. 
Horton will prepare your body perfectly for the day and strengthen and stretch you in-depth.
Both classes will include the traditional Graham and Horton warm-up, the studies, such as the Horton Fortifications or the Back Leg Extension, floor work, plies, degages, diagonals, small and big jumps to finish with an excellent and fun contemporary choreography. It is the perfect combination.

Patrice will also give you excellent audition and dance technique tips, teaching tools, coaching, and corrections to simultaneously boost your confidence and dancing skills.
So book your spot to join MIU, and let's travel together!

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Our videos are filmed from a place of love and bring the energy and connection that you experience in a first-class dance studio environment. That is what makes M-Intensive Online Dance Training so special – its ability to make magic happen from anywhere in the world!

If you have any injuries or health concerns, please take care to adapt the exercise programme to suit your personal and physical needs.




About Patrice Moniz

Originally from Cape Verde, Patrice is an international Performer, a world-renowned Horton and Graham Techniques Educator, and a Choreographer with more than 19 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Born and raised in France, he has worked in London since 2011. Over the past 17 years, he has performed with many dance companies and choreographers, along with featuring in music videos, TV shows, films, and commercials. 

Patrice is regularly invited as a Horton & Graham Educator and coach worldwide by vocational schools and companies. He always teaches from a place of love and forms an honest relationship with pupils to help them grow as dancers.

  Video Dance Lessons in UK About Patrice




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