The whole dance world keeps talking about it and wondering, is online dancing a temporary thing? Is it a one-day trend?

If you want to have an enlightened opinion, there is only one way: you should try it first.


Updated in March 2024




Throwback to those first two weeks in lockdown:

I am a Professional Dancer and Dance Lecturer in a prestigious institution. I sincerely believe in hard work, I am caring, I teach from a place of love, and I am also all about discipline! Staying active is vital to me, and those first weeks in lockdown were a nightmare. We tend to take things for granted, including our freedom.

I stayed home, but after a few days, despite usually being quite an early bird, I started waking up at 12, watching the telly daily for long hours, obviously not exercising at all. I felt miserable quite quickly, to be honest, and at the end of week 2, I was so bored that I decided to give it a go, to go to the "dark side": Online Dancing.

Yeap, I had been observing the one-day trend from my sofa, scrolling down my Instagram feed, watching the positive, dynamic, and active people as we all like to do...!

I then decided to join in, in my way! I like to challenge myself, and I knew that my situation was difficult; I had to save myself!.. I decided to provide an online dance workshop for two weeks, live on my Instagram! Yes, I knew it was the only way to recover from my miserable mood, the pressure was a real boost to me, and it worked!

After a few days, nearly 500 people attended daily! From the UK of course and from all over the world: Argentina, Russia, France, Spain, Italy, Finland, China, Germany, Brasil, India... It was amazing to see so many people joining, and I truly loved teaching these online classes!

Yes, I loved it! You work as hard as you would in a studio, you sweat, and you learn! You do! After a few days, people started to send me private messages: "Are you going live with Horton, Graham, or Dance HIIT workout today?"; and most importantly, they requested actual interactive classes; they wanted to be seen to get feedback. I felt a strong desire to learn from their own home or another dance studio at their own pace.

It was a revelation! It is not a one-day trend; it doesn't have to be a temporary thing. Online dancing is a new option! 





It is not like dancing live in a studio; it is a new path to explore and enjoy. Today you can learn everything from your home, why not dance? It can truly work and won't affect the experience in the dance studio, which is essential; it is just a bonus, an invaluable gift to people who live far away, and this is what we are doing at M-Intensive Online Dance Training.

We provide long-distance dancing, learning, fun, love, and LIFE! 

I genuinely love being the one sweating in the studio, and I am glad also to be the one sending love to anyone ready to receive it through their screen in the UK and around the world. That is why I decided to create a simple tool, a dance platform accessible to anyone on the internet. You can keep dancing online to maintain your technique, but it is also open to anyone with a fitness background, even to people who never danced before! You will keep dancing in your local dance studio, but if you want something different, you know you can't get where you are, then you have this opportunity now. You can dance with the teacher you love who lives miles away, and despite the distance, you will be able to learn some excellent dancing with them! More fun! It is a real plus.

It is why we should embrace this new way of expression. We need love; we need life; let's open our arms and try!





Online dancing won't stop the dance from happening in the studio. Not! Also, you must limit your screen time as you would normally do and get some fresh air. It will bring People Together closer than ever by creating real-life dance experiences and opportunities.


Sharing is caring, and now we can reach all those ready to receive it globally, and it all started the day we launched M-Intensive Online Dance Training. 




Thank you for reading; please share with your friends and family!




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