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Kos Island, Greece...


This is a special article for me as it could be the beginning of a new chapter in your dance career. Are you living your life to the fullest? Our Art is vital to us but our well-being is as important if not more! 


Are you feeling like you are constantly working? Training?

Are you taking a holiday sometimes? Ask these questions to yourself. Be honest. If the answer is 2, YES, and 1 NO this article will definitely help you. 

Like many of you working in the entertainment industry, I always made myself available for THE job including during summer. Nearly 17 years as a professional dancer and I didn't go on holiday that often. Always too busy! For me, a typical dance season used to run from September to next September! I used to consider myself available for work in summer too...

Total nonsense!

This is what we are taught as professional dancers and performers. Somehow we know that we must constantly stay ready therefore we are always working. Our only plan in the near future is to book the next job, this is a priority, the number 1 rule. Is that right? Indeed we need to stay active, but being active 365 days a year, wouldn't that make dancers workaholics?... Probably! We don’t even realize it. We can’t. I even heard someone recently, a dancer/actor based in London: "I'm working so hard it feels like I’m just surviving". Which is not completely wrong if you never take some time off.


It is not about a holiday, it’s deeper than that. I'm all for hard work however you can’t go on like that forever. Recharge your battery!...

Sometimes you must stop to rest your body and your mind. Relax, slow down, and appreciate the beautiful world we are living in.


And what if the problem wasn't your schedule but your mindset? If you want a real break, if you want a holiday, perhaps all you need to do is to make yourself available for that. In order to create something in your life, you must make some room for it. Don't blame it on your schedule or your financial situation for not taking a holiday, the real reason might just be the way you think.

Give it a try. You want a holiday next summer? Think about it now, have this plan in your mind and work through it and for it. Allowing something to exist in your brain will make it a realityDon't ask yourself how, just have the result in mind and magically your world will change and you will create this new habit in your life. 


So from now on the season starts in September indeed but it ends when it is convenient for you. You must know the end date, otherwise, you will just keep going on again and again! Tell yourself that you are dancing until that period then get some nice and well-deserved rest.  


Without a real holiday in your mind, it won’t happen. Trust the process, see yourself in the place of your dreams. 



"The Mental health benefits of holidays...

They help reduce stress, increase creativity, productivity, fight colds, and infections. 
It's not surprising that holidays help us de-stress, because we do things that give us pleasure and distract our mind. Travel provides a much-needed break from hectic lifestyles, which in turn, helps us feel less stressed."

Kiri Nowak.


Now let's focus on making your Holiday Dream a reality...



How to finance your trip?

Start preparing your holiday as early as possible, even in August for next August, why not? The more time you have the better your holiday will be. When you've decided about the destination of your dreams and its cost, start planning the trip. Save every single month for your holiday as long as you need to and when you are ready just book it. It is not difficult at all, you can go whenever you want, you just need to decide! Want it very hard!  Follow the "CCCD rule", that’s all you need:


Clear Goal 


+Create a solid financial plan


=Book your dream holiday.

Apply this rule to anything in your life!


Allocate a specific saving account to save money towards this goal, define the right amount to set aside on a monthly basis, and see how great it works! 


How to free yourself from "What if"

Make sure you know the departure date, it must be clear. You can go for 1, 2 or 3 weeks and even longer if you wish! Then book your holiday when you are ready following the CCCD method I mentioned above. You are not available during that period and that’s it. Nothing will come between you and your break.

You made the right decision, you won’t miss out on anything. You will work around it all year long, you will be very busy BEFORE and AFTER your holiday. And if something comes up: your vacation is already booked and therefore this job wasn't for you. It wasn’t meant to be... 

Learn to rest and most importantly, travel! Please do. Trust me. I made that mistake for so many years...

You deserve it!


How to choose the perfect destination? 

Enjoy your holiday and support the economy at the same time!

I wanted to stay in Europe, I am not a big fan of the 10/15 hours flights and Greece is just 4 hours away from the UK. It was perfect! Like Portugal and Spain, Greece is actually the font-runner of countries dependent on tourism in Europe with its 6000 islands. In 2018 tourism accounted for as much as 20.6 percent of the country's GDP! I met many lovely people in Kos, many in their 20's and they confirmed how tourism is important to them. Do not underestimate your impact on people's lives. It might just be a holiday for you but you will genuinely support the country you are going to. 


How to pick the right accommodation?

I have to be very honest, I'd choose a hotel over Airbnb over summer for one simple reason: if I have to keep cooking, grocery shopping, and cleaning this does not feel like a holiday to me!... However, if you go to Kos with a group of friends renting a nice house is a great option too! If you apply this financial plan above to purchase your holiday as a group, you can afford anything you want and reduce drastically the costs! Also, the good thing about Greece is the price. You can get very nice deals at Gorgeous Hotels.

When booking a hotel there are 2 things to consider: Family or Adult only? It is entirely up to you. If you want a quiet and romantic holiday perhaps an adult-only resort is the best option for you. However, I witnessed a very interesting phenomenon in family resorts: People are more friendly! Children tend to relax the atmosphere and their only presence creates more interactions between adults, interesting right?  

I recently used the reliable and fantastic On the Beach for a last-minute trip to Greece. Everything was perfectly coordinated! You can definitely trust them for your holiday!

Just click on the link below!


How to survive the usual all-you-can-eat buffet?!

I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner the first 3 days then I quit. We are eating way too much, it is so rich and full-on, after 3 days I couldn't cope with the amount of food anymore, I even felt unwell. No problem. I cut one meal off. After my workout, I had a big brunch and in the evening a nice dinner. And guess what? I felt so much better and enjoyed my food so much more! You might be on holiday but don't eat too much either! Stick to your healthy lifestyle. 


How to apply The Deal* on Holiday?

Easy, Holiday is part of "Other Celebration". You are treating yourself to a nice holiday, therefore it's a celebration indeed! You can have a cheat meal including dessert twice a week. I also enjoyed nice Greek wines, perhaps 3 or 4 glasses a week, which is more than enough for me...

*Read our previous article to learn more about "The Deal " Free yourself from your biggest addiction: Sugar!



What if you want to keep training over the summer?

I can't blame you for that, personally, it's a pleasure to train in summer. As Dancers and Performers, our fitness is important to us. I will share with you my simple daily routine which will allow you to be on holiday, to rest your body, and to maintain a great shape despite the daily restaurants and alcohol! Very easy steps, not time-consuming, and will require only 30/35 min per day. M-Intensive Online Dance Training is the perfect tool:

For a 2 weeks holiday

Week 1

 Monday  HIIT and Core Workout  25 min + 5 min stretching
 Wednesday  Jogging  30 min + 5 min stretching
 Friday  Horton Warm Up  30 min + Deep Lunges
 Sunday  Jogging  30 min + 5 min stretching


Week 2

 Tuesday  HIIT and Core Workout  25 min + 5 min stretching
 Wednesday  Jogging  30 min + 5 min stretching
 Friday   Horton Warm Up  30 min + Deep Lunges
 Saturday  HIIT and Core Workout  25 min + 5 min stretching


You do not need to start working out on your first day. Arrive safely at your dream destination and perhaps visit the place for 1 or 2 days and find the perfect spot for your workout.

Prioritizing outdoor training is so motivating, nice weather will be the perfect ally! For instance, I trained at the beach for Horton and HIIT and I jogged in the resort gardens. It is very important to stick to a 30/40 min workout only, this is a holiday workout! Follow this rule and you will truly enjoy your time, training will be a pleasure under this beautiful sun.

I personally like to do my workout first thing in the morning right after my meditation (at the beach too! this is magical!). After a good workout, I go straight into the ocean to purify my body followed by 15 min sunbathing. Then I have a good breakfast. The perfect cocktail to start your day!

This is the benefit of a gentle daily workout over summer. Eat, drink, and stay in good shape, completely Guilt Free! 




Travel and feel this new energy through your veins! 


Where to start? Do you need inspiration? I have the perfect destination for you!


Kos Island

Due to its southern location, Kos is consistently one of the hottest Greek islands. 

It’s a gorgeous island, it’s nice and not crowded. The weather is incredible in summer, between 32 and 34 degrees every single day! The perfect location for a 2 weeks holiday. Greek cuisine is delicious and the people are very friendly.

Kos Island is a must-see. I LOVED IT!



Paradise Beach














Neratzia Castle







Cavo Paradiso








Zia Village








Plaka Forest














Thermal Hot Springs







Kos Town
















Mastichari Beach








Want to see more?




Discover Kos 

Are you driving? Rent a car for only 30 euros a day and discover the Island secrets! Kos is a small place, in 3 or 4 hours you can see the entire Island. However, if you want to stop and visit each important location you will need 1  to 3 days. Rent a car and visit the island with your friends, it is amazing and so beautiful! Also, Kos is a very safe place to travel to. Tourists are unlikely to experience any crime or violence. It is so peaceful...


And an important one...

Kos Cuisine

"One of the undeniable cultural qualities of any given place is its cuisine. Kos Island is home to a rich gastronomic tradition following Greek and Mediterranean routes. Despite its status as a cosmopolitan destination, Kos Island has managed to preserve a distinct and true to its beginnings gastronomic identity. Many of the local treats are prepared in connection with religious celebrations, while the island's fertile soil and promising climate have given birth to many peculiar products and unique varieties of wine."

Kos Island Tourist Office.


10 Places you need to eat at in Kos!

Sunset Balcony Taverna 





Tam Tam Beach 




Cuvée Restaurant 


















Lofaki Bar Restaurant 





















You are now ready for your next Winter or Summer Holiday! 



“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” 

Maya Angelou.



Thank you for reading, Please share with your friends and family!



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