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Updated in March 2024



Why do we keep doing the same things repeatedly even though it bothers us? Why are we staying in a relationship or a job that keeps us unsatisfied? Why are we afraid of trying something new?!


The unknown is scary. I have been there, too. I kept doing things a certain way because it was comfortable and risk-free. We are creatures of habit.

Over the past six years, I worked at finding the new me, slowly, one step after the other, which led me to write this article today. 

Do you want to change? Do you need to change? Pause now and think about it for a moment. Perhaps you feel the urgency to do things differently after multiple failures. 

Regardless of the reasons, this article will help you align with the Universe and all the good things waiting for you. 

The transformation is starting today.






1. You must want it: The Future is now!

This is the first and most crucial step. One must be fully aware of its own reality to make it happen and change for the better. Recognise the issues in your life to operate a drastic enhancement in your existence. It doesn't matter what people say; no one can take you there. It must come from you. 

Nothing will happen if you are not in charge of your destiny. 

Please get a piece of paper and a pen and start writing everything that bothers you in your current life. It can be your job, relationship, habits, weekly routine or diet; if you are a dancer or a dance teacher, it could also be how you dance or teach; write it all down. You must be very specific about it. If the people around you contribute to the problems in particular ways, you can add the issues to the list. Include all the negative words that sabotaged you and diminished your confidence until today, and allocate a number for each.

Once you have completed the task, put the list aside and use it for the next exercise.

Get a new piece of paper. On the new list, write the answers to each trouble. Find at least one tiny thing you could do to get a solution. Do that for every single one of them, one by one and make sure the numbers allocated match. Do not write the problems on the new page. This list must only contain the solutions. No pressure; you do not need to find it all right now; it can be small steps towards a better routine.

Read the list of solutions thoroughly, then get both pages. Cut them into very tiny pieces and throw them in the bin. Ensure that the container is outdoors; we want the lists out of your Universe. Now you are done with that. You have to let it go and move forward. Those thoughts are now past. Staying stuck in the past is harmful and will keep you at rock bottom. 

You must move on and make room for the new in your life. 

Focus only on the things you could do to get a better existence.



2. Become what you see: Visualisation

Online Dance Classes in UKIdentify who you want to be. Your best version is within yourself. It is a part of the Universe and who you are deep inside. Your negative thoughts and problems submerge it.

Ensure to be alone and undisturbed for 10 minutes. Switch all of your electronic devices to plane mode and do the following :

Now lie down, close your eyes and focus on the new you. What do you look like? What do you smell? Where do you live? What are you wearing? What do you sound like? What car are you driving? What do you do in your daily life? What are your hobbies?

Be very specific about it.

Don't be afraid to visualise what you truly want. It is never too big.

I want you to experience what it is to be the new you; I want you to appreciate what it could be and enjoy this feeling for a while.

Repeat the visualisation for the next 21 days. 



3. Take action: Go further every day

You now have a clear picture of the situation, know what to do to have a better life, and have visualised this new version of yourself in the Universe. It might never happen if you are not taking inspired actions, starting with the first step mentioned above.

Act by implementing the changes learned in this article.



4. Do what is right for you: Quit!

If you currently have an unhappy relationship or hate your job, it's time to make changes.

If you can do something to improve your romantic or professional life, do it proactively. If the situation is out of your control and depends on someone else's will, address the issue with the person concerned and seek a solution together. Work towards a better outcome as a team. 

Allocate a clear timeframe to witness evolution. You do not need to share this detail; it can be personal. You need to track your progress. Act and free yourself from the situation if you have been patient enough and do not see substantial changes after trying everything you could.

Setting clear goals and a deadline will help you initiate the adjustments you want.

Giving up on something can be what we need to live the life we want, obstacles-free.

Always do what is right for you.



5. Find a new home: Move out!

Don't get me wrong; you do not have to move out. If you are pleased where you are, please stay! You can still apply the following advice to bring the new you into your life...

There are many reasons for moving out; it doesn't matter because it's always aligned with the Universe and what's in it for you! It makes sense to me: The new you live in a different home on another street.

Moving out is sometimes part of a bigger plan...

Let me tell you a story about this remarkable young woman who wanted to leave her hometown to escape bad memories. Even though she needed to do it, she couldn't act, and a few years passed.

Then an unfortunate incident happened in her building; thankfully, no one was hurt. The incident was so bad that she couldn't live there anymore and took the opportunity to relocate to a new town.

Well, the Universe sent her a blessing in disguise in an unexpected gift box! A new life in a new city and a fantastic new job! She even found love.

When you truly wish for something, don't worry about how. Focus on the result, and the Universe will place what's for you your way; it can be pretty impressive, like here. In the end, it is for your own good. 

Your dream home will be presented to you at the right place at the right time.



6. Cleanse your home: Free some Space

You can use the following piece of advice regardless of whether you moved out or not. 

This is the best way to get a fresh start: Cleanse the environment around you!

We all carry stuff stored in a closet without any purpose. I am not telling you to get rid of your precious family souvenir. You should get rid of the following:

Clothes, shoes, and other objects you are not using anymore. 

We all have clothes we never wear but keep for mysterious reasons. If it's your case, please sell/give those items away (only if they are in good condition, never give something broken), and throw them in the nearest waste recycling site.

Letting those things go will tremendously help you move on to the next step. You will also renew your home's energy by cleansing the atmosphere and bringing new pieces in.



7. Look different: Style the new you

I love this one as it is quite revealing and achieve the transformation.

Be who you want to be with fashion, regardless of gender or background. It's time to be anyone you like and create your look!

Again, how can you be the new you and have the same clothes? This change is necessary and will facilitate the process.

You can do it at your own pace, and it can be completed over 12 months if needed. This way, you can cover all the seasons and progressively purchase what you need to refresh your wardrobe. Give life to the new appearance you have visualised in our previous exercise.

Every time you buy something new, let go of something old.

Get a new haircut, something you have never tested before. Choose a different beard style too! If you wear make-up daily, you can upgrade it! Try something different with new colours, eyeliner, lipstick, and nail polish.

Here is a simple guideline of the fundamental rules of a harmonious outfit

  • Respect balance
  • Wear clothes that fit you
  • Recognise the power of accessories
  • Never follow trends blindly 

Express yourself by wearing what you love and showing your new look to the world.



8. Enhance your daily routine: Create healthy habits

Are you overwhelmed by the mess in your home? 

People often underestimate the importance of having a welcoming place. It can dramatically improve your mindset and positivity, especially with so many of us working from home.

If you genuinely struggle with that one, here is a list of things to end the unhealthy cycle:

1. Deep clean your home once, then keep it tidy every day.

I used to do consequent and tiring cleaning for long hours until I applied that rule in my life:

If it takes less than 5 mins to do, do it now

If your home is consistently clean and tidy, you shouldn't spend so much energy on it. You should only do weekly dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. That's all. 

I applied the following principles and noticed an immediate amelioration: You used something; put it away when you finished; if the laundry is dry, fold it and put it away on the spot. The dishes are dirty; do them. After cooking, clean the cooker and wash all the pans. It literally transformed my home. Even if I have guests late at night, I always find the energy to clean the house right after the party. 

Avoid the accumulation to erase the mess in your home for good!

Sleeping and waking up in a clean house will give you a lot of energy. You start your day on the right foot by improving your well-being, which is priceless. 

Also, you can welcome anyone, in complete confidence, any time of the day or night because you live in a 24/7 clean home. It requires self-discipline and consistency. It is true. Nothing you can't do!

2. Eat well

What does that mean? I could talk about it all day; I cannot rush it as it's so important.

It is a lifestyle, a life-changing experience! Read in detail about how I learned to eat well in our previous blog:  

Free yourself from your biggest addiction: Sugar!

3. Exercise at least three times a week!

You could be dancing, running, swimming or playing basketball; as long as you move well and stay active every week, it is beneficial. Just find your thing and stick to it; everyone knows that regular physical activities improve your health on many levels. I do not need to convince you of that; the challenge is not there but in the fact that people lack regularity. It's all about consistency. 

Train on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for instance, and take the weekend off! Or you could train on Monday, Thursday and Sunday if you wish; it is down to you. If three sessions are too much, begin with two, then increase to three or four workouts per week.

As long as you keep training, it works. 

Five years ago, I wanted to lose fat and be shredded. I was genuinely wondering how those guys in the magazines were doing; after extensive research on the subject, I understood that they all have two things in common:

They had a healthy diet and avoided being inactive for more than two consecutive days. 

Remembering these simple rules will dramatically help you too.



9. Open your heart: Seize opportunities

People will notice the new you; They will love meeting you. Learn to spot those who will want your attention. Now that you have transformed open your heart and attract what you desire.

Keep an open mind, and even welcome love into your life! It is coming your way if you are ready to receive it. A bit more about the latter is at the end of this article.



10. It's a Celebration: own it!

To celebrate this new life, you will buy THE thing you want. It doesn't have to be extravagant (or it can be!). Buy what you always wanted but didn't allow yourself to get. If it's not the time yet, keep it in mind to own it later when the moment is right...

If you can do it now, go for it!






11. Find Inner Peace: Meditation

Life can be busy and sometimes stressful. You need some peace to reset after a long day. 

Meditating is the art of looking after your mind. It will help you maintain healthy habits and improve your overall life. If you have never done it before, it's pretty easy. It's like the visualisation exercise we did earlier:

Close your eyes for 5 to 15 minutes, concentrate on appreciating the things you have, and be thankful for your health and family. You can say affirmations out loud or in your mind. You can also focus on a particular goal. Do it in music, nature or silence and concentrate on your breath.

I meditate for at least 10 mins every single day. You can do it early in the morning, in bed, sitting on the floor or in the evening after work. Find what works for you and experience it.

There is no right or wrong. You do it your way.

Meditation can be the key to solidifying the foundation of your new life in the present.



12. Be consistent: Trust Your New Path

If you have done everything I mentioned in this article, you have made dramatic changes and can be proud of it. Well done for doing all that and, most importantly, for taking action and finally getting what you always wanted.

You are reborn and live under a new skin, under your own rules.

Welcome the new opportunities ahead of you. It is just the beginning...





13. BONUS: Attract love in your life

Are you single and want to welcome love into your home? Do the following:

Create some space for this exceptional person right now!

Free a drawer, add extra pillows, make room in the bathroom, cook for two and so on. I know it might sound completely crazy... In reality, you will send a powerful message in the Universe, expecting love to move in soon, and every day the invitation gets stronger and stronger until you receive an answer!

You do not need to share this practice with anyone; it can be our secret. You are not crazy for wishing for love in your new life.

Be bold about your description to increase your chances of success. Express precisely what you are looking for in a romance. 

The Universe will deliver.







The Ultimate Guide to a complete makeover in 13 effective steps...

I hope my real-life steps to materialise the new you within yourself will help you.

It might be time for a change if you have lived traumatic events or are just fed up with your current life after many unsuccessful ventures. Wanting to evolve is the most critical part...

Did you know your hair is brand new every seven years? So, why not us?! I genuinely believe in reinvention; growing and living life to the fullest is essential. 

Now, you know how to do it.



Thank You For Reading; please Share With Your Friends And Family!


Photos: Pixabay, Alexander Grigorian, Tembela Bohle, Suzy Hazelwood

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Are you looking for the New You? Wish to upgrade your life? Want to lose some weight or change your body? 

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You are not alone; there is nothing we cannot fix. I helped many people find happiness in their own skin. I will do it for you too.


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